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Review and Development of Your Security Policy

Information Security Policy

“Our company was required to comply with a client request to update our security policy.  Little did I know that our existing policy was template based and did not fulfill the necessary requirements.  Techimon developed and delivered a solid policy that meets the requirements of our cyber insurance policy and other regulations” Owner, Denver Financial Company

The first step to developing a successful Security Policy is to perform a Risk Assessment.  The Risk Assessment should be done prior to putting an action plan in place and will answer important questions about improving your security posture. Important items that need to be discovered are what needs to be protected, what are the risks associated, and remediation work if needed. 
A complete Security Policy is much more more than a template and needs to include compliance measures and additional disaster recovery steps needed in the event of a disaster caused by force of nature, disgruntled employee, along with important security procedures that cover location policies.
Some of the more basic components of a Security policy include Email,  User, 3rd Party, Administrator,  Password, Internet, Back up and Recovery, and Compliance policy and procedures.

Protect Your Organization with a Comprehensive Security Policy

We’ll help to manage and navigate your dynamic IT Security Policy, ensuring you are in in compliance and have the policy and procedures in place to protect your business.

Step 1. Info Gathering

A review of your current policy and business practice is critical in understanding your cyber risk strategies.  Our experts will fully understand your business and the measures needed to protect and defend your company
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Step 2. Risk Assessment

Your company is vulnerable, we know that. Every company is.  Our Network Security Experts will identify your vulnerabilities and provide a cost effective approach to developing a Security Policy that addresses present and future risks.
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Step 3. Management

We’ll help you manage the information and work with you to develop the proper controls, policy  and procedures.  Cyber Security is evolving and as your company grows, we will ensure your security policy evolves too.
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Awareness is Key

Security Policy and Procedures Managed
Techimon is changing the landscape from legacy to next-generation.  Our information security policy  review and development is comprehensive and fully customized for your business, not ours.    Our team of information security experts are dedicated and passionate about protecting and defending our clients data and networks.
Business of all sizes are now at risk of cyber attacks.  Our connected world creates a need for agile, next generation solutions that consider 3rd party risk mitgation, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and other compliance controls.
Techimon will provide your company unparalleled insight, customer experience and integrated next-generation solutions that will immediately provide awareness, mitigating risk.


Security Policy Review and Development

An IT security policy outlines the key items in an company that need to be protected. This will  include the company’s network, its physical building, and more. More importantly it needs to outline the potential threats to those items and the action plan to mitigate and remediate risk. Many times, company think only of focusing on cyber security, but also needs to have an action plan for threats that could include  disgruntled employees, security of your building and acts of nature.
Identifying security risks and threats is the first step, outline a plan on  preventing those threats should not be trusted to anyone other than an expert, specializing in modern day threat analysis and prevention. Your IT security policy should be circulated to everyone in the company, along with connecting to client networks, who require updated policy and procedures. 

Your IT Security Policy needs to be managed as it is a dynamic document with data that needs to be reviewed regularly and updated as changes in the company occur.

Techimon’s  Security Policy Service will enable you to:

  • Create  Awareness into your vulnerabilities in minutes, not months.
  • Address gaps, measure controls and manage risk mitigation quickly
  • Help you to evaluate your current cybersecurity posture
  • Align your security strategies with your business goals
  • Measure the effectiveness of your current security efforts and controls
  • Reduce the costs and risks
  • Measure your compliance levels across GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, NIST, SOX, COBIT
  • Provide executive evidence to support budget requests
  • Provide Best Practice Security Policy Strategy
  • Deliver The industry’s most comprehensive Policy that aligns with your goals
  • Manage ongoing policy changes as your company and the threat landscape evolves

When seeking a partner that can manage your IT Security Policy and help to implement proper remediation, consider that Techimon prides itself on not only delivering the expertise, knowledge and support,  we also deliver the industry’s best customer experience. We are passionate about delivering cost effective solutions that always consider our customers first.

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About Techimon

Techimon is a USA based engineering-driven company who’s focus is managed cyber security, solving core issues and helping organizations navigate the ever changing cyber threat landscape.
Techimon has two Network Operation Centers (NoCs) , a Security Operation Center (SoC),  Multiple Data Centers a Robust Team of Senior Level Engineers and the world’s top ranked cyber security experts. We add tremendous value and cost savings to any business, large or small.  Our core focus is cyber security and our service model begins with Security Assessments, Policy and Compliance Reviews and continues with remediation , development  and deployment of  next generation  cyber security solutions – managed.


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Security Policy Overview

Data Security and Accountability– Every company needs to ensure that its employees and leadership are aware of their responsibilities and what is expected of them. Company data should be classified so that both workers and management understand the differences. Whats confidential, whats not.

  • Confidential data
  • Data that is meant to be sent internally within the company
  • General data
  • Data that is meant to be sent outside the company

Data and Network Services – A security policy dictates how the company should handle issues such as 3rd party and remote access and the management of these networks.  It also covers the security of components such as security event management and data distribution.

What are the risks and vulnerabilities?  How often are you doing security assessments? are you engaging in penetration testing.  These are important factors that can immediately strengthen your security posture and reduce risks immediately

Patch management – One of the most overlooked item in the IT workforce today.  Its important to keep your systems and network up to date.  Patch management is critical to protect against threats. This item is included in your security policy.


Disaster Recovery Policies – Having a solid system and a plan for recovery can mean the difference of staying in business or going out of business.  Next gen solutions are easily implemented, however many companies fall into the complacency trap and rely on outdated methods that no long provide the right solution for the modern day threat landscape.

In the Event of  breachHow do you respond, are you prepared?  Most companies are not and are quickly caught off guard.  New regulations require swift and almost immediate action and your company needs to know how to respond

The Compliance Overview

If your organization is subject to IT security mandates such as FISMA GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, NCUA, OCC, and PCI DSS, you are required to have independent third-party testing of your information security program to identify vulnerabilities that could result in unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of confidential information, including Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI). The recommended best practices methodology is a security assessment that incorporates testing of both technical and human vulnerabilities related to your information security program.


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