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The Methodology

Cyber Risk Scorecard uses Open Source Intelligence services to collect, analyze and report security related events and findings. Security companies and hackers are always scanning publicly accessible networks and share their data on the internet. This commonly referred to as Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT).Following mindmap shows how hackers can leverage their attack vectors by using OSINT services like hacker forums, social networks, Google, leaked database dumps, paste sites or even legitimite security services like VirusTotal, Censys, Cymon, Google Safe Browsing etc.

Easy to Understand Grading System and Report Delivery

Our grading methodology is based on Cyber Threat Susceptibility Assessment (CTSA). CTSA is a methodology for evaluating the susceptibility of a system to cyber-attack developed by MITRE. CTSA quantitatively assesses a system’s [in]ability to resist cyber-attack over a range of cataloged attack Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).

Techimon has analyzed data in different risk categories from 1,000,000 servers for hundreds of companies and calculated letter grades. For example, a grade of ‘B’ indicates an organization has opened the door to a sophisticated hacker, a grade of ‘F’ means hackers of all types are being invited in. The overall grade of cyber risk scorecard shows “how easy is it to hack the corresponding environment.”

Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard

Fast. No-touch. No-setup. Non-intrusive.


Threat and Vulnerability 

Non-Intrusive scan gives you immediate insight  into your security posture and cyber risk score. Detailed findings based on cyber threat intelligence about your company.

external testing

Best in Class Discovery

 Techimon takes advantage of using multiple scan engines for cross-checking and decreases the false positive and false negative results and aggregates scan results in a unified Orchestrated platform.

deep scan

Top-Tier Coverage

Scale-able platform to perform continuous vulnerability scan, automatically detect cyber threats and manage & automate vulnerability management process within our workflow engine.

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Awareness is Key
Become aware, instantly.

Techimon Rapid Cyber Risk Score Card provides instant awareness into your cyber security posture


  • Instant Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Passive External Scan
  • Reduce Cyber Risk Immediately
  • Drilldown Dash Board
  • 100+ Security Controls
  • Best in Class Discover


“Techimon was able to locate and assess vendors, which no other service could , that scored them in the top in terms of trust of cyber rating. We use Techimon Cyber Risk Score Card for due- diligence for acquiring insurance companies and cyber risk profile for vendors”
Fortune 500  Insurance Carrier

Hackers are Looking. Do you know what they see?

Our Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard evaluates your company quickly from a hacker’s view. Drill-Down.  Become Aware. Quickly.

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Techimon Trusted Partners

By aligning with the best technology companies in the world, Techimon is able to provide our customers with Premier Managed Solutions, the newest technology and the most advanced security,  all customized to help our customers overcome obstacles and scale their business.

Trusted Partners

Techimon Cyber Risk Scorecards provide critical information necessary to protect your business from cyber attacks and threats.  The scorecards are interactive and provide a accurate letter grade with detailed drill down into each risk category so that effective remediation can be prioritized.

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